Dr. Rose Introduces The Gastric Balloon Treatment

  • 30 May 2010 1:00 AM
Dr. Rose Introduces The Gastric Balloon Treatment
"A new Gastric balloon holds promise for achieving weight loss for obese patients.

“Obesity is a chronic metabolic disorder with considerable health risks, which can be approved by a sustained modest weight loss”, says Dr. Filiczky, Dr. Rose’s expert in Nutrition and healthy eating programs. “This can be achieved by medical treatment through behavioral therapy, diet, exercise and pharmacotherapy. Surgery is often needed for severely obesity.”

Serious health risks associated with excessive body weight (early death, diabetes, hypertension, pain in the joints, vesicle stones, etc.), or other aesthetic reasons, together with previous unsuccessful attempts to lose weight following diets, have led to the discovery of a newly designed procedure called ‘Gastric balloon’.

Gastric balloon (sometimes called Intragastric balloon) is one of the newer forms of weight loss therapy. It is a temporary aid to help moderately obese patients lose weight as it is only in place for a maximum of six months before being removed.

The balloon itself is made of silicone and is inserted into the stomach using an endoscopic procedure. It is then filled with air or saline solution. The procedure takes about ten to twenty minutes. Thus most people even return to work the next day.
The inflated gastric balloon works by partially filling your stomach, so that you'll feel fuller more quickly when eating. It also reduces your ability to consume large amounts of food or fluids in one go.

You will eat less and get to change your basic patterns of behavior as far as food and physical exercises are concerned. With the balloon in place a weight loss diet should be followed to re-adjust your eating habits so that you don't gain the weight once the balloon is removed. Patients can expect their BMI to drop up to 10 points in the six months following the insert of the balloon.

For the first few days you can experience abdominal discomfort as your stomach adjust to cope with the balloon. For the first three days you'll be on a liquid only diet of water, juices, milk, thin soup, etc. After that more solid foods will be introduced. If you try consuming the same levels of food you did prior to the insert of the balloon you will feel bloated and the possibility of vomiting can occur.

Once the balloon is removed, it is advisable to immediately start an alimentary re-educated and balanced eating program, to ensure the success of the procedure.

The Gastric Balloon procedure is the first step towards a great change in your life style."

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