'Equestrian Days', Hortobágy, 3 - 4 July

  • 2 Jul 2010 2:00 AM
'Equestrian Days', Hortobágy, 3 - 4 July
"Enjoying several decades of history, the famous Hortobágy Equestrian Days aim to preserve the noble traditions of Hungarian equestrian culture.

Originally herdsmen, carriage drivers and riders came only from Hortobágy and the surrounding villages to take part in this series of events. Over the years the festival has become increasingly popular and it has evolved into one of the most significant tourist attractions in Hungary.

Closely connected to the series of events are the Shepherds' Festival (Pásztorok Ünnepe) and the Hortobágy Cowherds' Competition and Shepherds' Gathering (Gulyásverseny és Pásztortalálkozó). Participants compete in areas related to the everyday work of the Hungarian 'cowboys' and thus events include driving the animals from pen to pen, reading ear brands, cracking a traditional long whip, using the cowherd's stick and lassoing.

It is an excellent opportunity for visitors to become familiar with the herdsmen's clothing and equipment as well as with their faithful helpers, the hard working shepherd dogs who guard the flock.

As well as the equestrian events, sheepdog and ox-carriage shows, craft fairs and, a true gastronomic treat, the competition of cooking traditional shepherds' food all add spice to time spent here. The Puszta Animal Park (állatpark) and the Hortobágy Máta Mátai Stud (ménes) serve as venues of the events.

Address of location: Hortobágy
Organiser´s tel: 52/589-369
Name of location: Mátai Ménes lovaspálya"

Source: hungarystartshere.com

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