'Gömböc Painters', Banner Square Budapest, Until 5 July

  • 2 Jul 2010 2:00 AM
'Gömböc Painters', Banner Square Budapest, Until 5 July
"The Gömböc is the first known homogenous body with one stable and one unstable, that is, a total of two, equilibrium points. It can be proven that a body with less equilibrium than this cannot exist. However you put down the Gömböc, it always returns to its stable point of equilibrium, which is exclusively on account of its special form. Its inventors Professor Gábor Domokos and Associate Professor Péter Várkonyi both teach at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The Budapest Music Center, responsible for Hungarian cultural content at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 announced a competition for the individual design and painting of a resin Gömböc model, which constitutes the central theme of the national exhibition. The aim of the competition was to encourage the creation of a special, visually appealing design, which - adapted to the shape of the Gömböc - is capable of conveying Hungarian intellectuality and cultural traditions in an international environment.

The first opportunity for the public to see the creations selected by the prestigious jury as the best ten works will be 19 June 2009 at the Múzeumok Éjszakája (Night of Museums) in the Műcsarnok. Afterwards the exhibition may be viewed in the Palace of Arts (21 June - 5 July), as well as in autumn in Pécs, site of the European Capital of Culture. The Gömböc exhibition will also be on display 23 August - 5 September 2010 in China in MOCA Shanghai (Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art) as part of the Art Forum Hungary event series."

Source: Palace of Arts
Address: Budapest, IX district, Komor Marcell u. 1.
Tel: 555-3000

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