Jail Terms Possible For Petty Crimes In Hungary

  • 26 Jul 2010 1:00 AM
Jail Terms Possible For Petty Crimes In Hungary
"Parliament passed amendments last week introducing harsher penalties for misdemeanours, that would make it possible to jail minors for committing misdemeanours.

The change, passed by a vote of 261-46, mandates imprisonment for the petty crimes of theft, embezzlement, fraud, wilful vandalism or misuse of funds to a value of up to Ft 20,000.

The same punishment is introduced for violation of private homes and false reporting.

The amendment raised the fine levied by local authorities for all of the above crimes from Ft 30,000 to Ft 50,000.

In a clause objected to by Jobbik, the amendment allows imprisonment for participation in the operation of organisations banned by courts or wearing the uniforms of such organisations at public events.

In protest, Jobbik MPs stood up and placed their hands on the back of their heads. MP Zoltán Balczó said his party cannot approve the proposal because of the provisions afflicting the Magyar Gárda."

Source: Hungary Around the Clock.

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