'16th Alternative Theatre Festival', Merlin Theater Budapest, 10 - 14 September

  • 10 Sep 2010 5:00 AM
'16th Alternative Theatre Festival', Merlin Theater Budapest, 10 - 14 September
"This year the Alternative Theatre Festival takes place at the Merlin Theatre. As always, the Festival gives an opportunity to the independent theatres to present their latest productions. The program includes dance and theatre performances or sometimes the mixture of the two.

The competition program was selected by István Szalai-Szabó, the director of the City Theatre and Sirály. The judges are Iulia Popovici (critique), Árpád Árkosi (director) and György Pálfi (filmdirector).

High your weekend with culture.

10th September 2010 / 5 p.m. - Péter Nádas: Encounter

Performed by: Krisztián Gergye Company – Bárka Theatre

Directed by: Krisztián Gergye

Encounter is the first piece of Krisztián Gergye’s Nádas-dramatrilogy in which the combination of text and movement serves as the main point of the performance.
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10th September 2010 / 8 p.m. - Péter Nádas: Funeral

Performed by: Krisztián Gergye Company – Bárka Theatre – MU Theatre

Directed and choreographed by: Krisztián Gergye

Péter Nádas’s piece entitled Funeral was first shown at the Budapest Autumn Festival as the second part of Krisztián Gergye’s Trilogy-study. The two performances are closely related, although not dependant on each other.
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12th September 2010 / 5 p.m. - Krisztián Peer: The Meaning of Life

Performed by: The Symptoms

Directed by: Réka Szabó

Director Réka Szabó and The Symptoms try to find out the answer to the great questions of life. The performance is supported by Bill Viola Nantes’ video show entitled Triptych.
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12th September 2010 / 9 p.m. - Ferenc Fehér: Tao Te

Directed and choreographed by: Ferenc Fehér

A contemporary dance production based on Lao-ce’s Tao Te King – The Book of The Way and its Virtue.
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13th September 2010 / 7 p.m. - Duda Éva Company: Lunatika

Performed by: Duda Éva Company

Choreographed by: Duda Éva

Éva Duda’s contemporary dance performance studies the borderline of dream and wake where learned behavior and instincts meet. The performance won the Rudolf Lábán Award in 2010.
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Source and  further information about the other performances: merlinszinhaz.hu


2 000 HUF / performance

3 500 HUF / daily ticket


MERLiN Theatre
Address: 1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4.
Tel: +36.1.317.9338, +36.1.318.9844

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