'Fredi-Beni' Is Still Best Loved Cartoon For Kids In Hungary

  • 7 Oct 2010 9:25 AM
'Fredi-Beni' Is Still Best Loved Cartoon For Kids In Hungary
Hungarians are reportedly celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of their favorite cartoons, The Flinstones. This animated sitcom series had allegedly brought Hungarian dubbing to its peak, when expert linguists, poets and comedians swept the audience off their feet by dubbing the Bedrock scenes in excellent lip-sync – in verse (almost like Dr. Seuss). All Magyar school children, who otherwise never showed any interest in poetry and literature, reportedly benefited immensely from the legendary synchronized series – reciting long and short extracts from the Flintstones’ verse.

The main character Fred was called “Fredi” and his best friend Barney was called “Beni” and the Flintstones was actually titled Fredi-Beni.

It seems the whole world is celebrating the Flintstones. Even search engine google.com has placed a picture of the Flintstones onto its masthead instead of their veri creative multi-colored google logo.

The Flintones came to the scene exactly 50 years ago on Sept 30, 1960 and despite the prehistoric story board, its seems they have been commercially immortalized in Hungary and the world over, where every year toy shops sell Flintstone memorabilia, games, electronic gadgets, etc, like hot-cakes.

By Tamas S. Kiss, published on XpatLoop.com with the permission of BudapestReport.com

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