Biblia Scripta Exhibition, Pannonhalma Archabbey, Until 11 November

  • 11 Nov 2010 12:00 AM
Biblia Scripta  Exhibition,  Pannonhalma Archabbey, Until 11 November
"The theme of this exhibition is to explore medieval writing and the codex making process through two codices preserved at Pannonhalma. The works of scribes, various writing materials and mediums, the artistry of codex illustration, the migration of codices and the characteristics of medieval reading are presented.

A catalogue (including essays by DEJCSICS, Konrád, DÉNESI, Tamás and ÉRSZEGI Géza) has been compiled based on the exhibits. Available at the shops in the monastery and at the bookstores of the Bencés Publishing Company.

Sponsored by NKA, UniCredit, UNIQA.

The Archabbey can be easily accessed with your own vehicle as well as by means of public transport.

Car and Motorcycle

From the directions of Győr, Hegyeshalom, Budapest take the Highway 82 (Veszprém) exit off the M1. (There is also a roadsign on the motorway showing the direction to the Archabbey).
From the direction of Lake Balaton take Highway 82 through Veszprém.
From the direction of Székesfehérvár take Highway 81 on the Kisbér-Mezőörs route.

Car Park

The traffic route has been changed. Cars are allowed to park eighter at the main entrance of the monastery or at the Visitors' Centre. A map showing the temporary parking place for buses is available in pdf format here. For more information, please call +36-96-570-191 or contact us by e-mail:


Scheduled buses to the abbey leave from Győr every day at 8.00, 10.00 and 12.00 o'clock, and on Sundays also at 14.10. There are several other buses that take you to the village of Pannonhalma, from where the abbey can be reached after a 15-minute walk uphill.


Trains leaving from Győr for Veszprém (or Veszprémvarsány) stop at Pannonhalma station. The archabbey is two kilometres away from the railway station.

For more details see the Timetable.


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