Thousands Demonstrated For The Resuscitation Of Malév, The Hungarian Flag Carrier

  • 14 Feb 2012 8:04 AM
Thousands Demonstrated For The Resuscitation Of Malév, The Hungarian Flag Carrier
It’s always good to see when civils join their forces and - despite of the powering political turbulences and the serious economic challenges - work on achieving their goals with an unshakable faith. That is cristal clearly seen in the activity of an internet community, called “Szarnyakat adunk almainknak” (“We give wings to our dreams”), whose objective is to establish a new Hungarian national airline built on the heritage of MALEV, Hungary’s former national flag carrier that has ceased operations on 03. February 2012. Up until today more than 5000 civils have signed their declaration from 57 countries all over the world.

Last Saturday thousands of people gathered together in Budapest (MALEV pilots and former employees, their family members and sympathizers) and marched through the city in remembrance of the Hungarian Airlines. The main goal of the peaceful march was to call the attention of the decision-makers to the fact that the country needs a national airline.

The peaceful demonstrators were wearing the symbols of MALEV, and banners with messages such as “I love MALEV”, 66 Years 1946-2012”. A number of pilots were wearing their uniforms, and the blue kerchiefs of the former flight attendants - depicting red-white green airplanes - were also recognizable.

The march started once the noticable MALEV signal began to played, and the demonstrators have cossed the Lagymanyosi Bridge to Buda, where four light aircrafts passed by to honour the memory of the Hungarian Airlines.

The pilots were greeting their colleagues with waving their hands, and many demonstrators were watching the aircrafts flying by with tears in their eyes.

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Photo: Tuba Zoltán [origo]

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