Hungary's Jobbik MP Urged To Resign After Reviving Anti-Semitic Claims

  • 12 Apr 2012 9:01 AM
Hungary's Jobbik MP Urged To Resign After Reviving Anti-Semitic Claims
"The Socialist Party and LMP separately urged Jobbik MP Zsolt Barath to resign after he revived in a speech last week in Parliament an 1882 claim that Jews had murdered a 14-year-old girl in order to use her blood for ritual purposes.

Speaking after regular business in Parliament, Barath recalled the 1883 trial related to the disappearance of Eszter Solymosi in the village of Tiszaeszlar, in which some members of the local Jewry were accused of ritually murdering the Christian girl.

The case, considered a landmark in the history of Hungarian anti-Semitism, provoked widespread condemnation of Jews before the defendants were eventually acquitted.

Barath said the judge at the time acquitted the defendants due to pressure “from circles who already dominated the economy of the world and our homeland at that time”.

Parliament was nearly empty when Barath made his remarks. The session was presided over by deputy Speaker Zoltan Balczo of Jobbik, who did not interrupt Barath.

State secretary Janos Fonagy objected, saying mention of the Tiszaeszlar incident opens “centuries-old wounds”.

LMP said what happened was last possible when professional anti-Semites and champions of race were seated in the House.

Slomo Koves, leading rabbi with the United Hungarian Jewish Congregation, said Barath should be dealt with by a parliamentary ethics committee.

Jewish federation Mazsihisz called on the governing parties and the cabinet “not to allow Hungary to become an object of derision and contempt in the world” and not to allow the Hungarian Parliament to be “judged on the basis of the words of the fascist mob”.

The government called the remarks “totally unacceptable” in a statement issued Wednesday evening, saying they “run counter to every fundamental value of Parliament and the Hungarian government”.

The Administration and Justice Ministry said the government condemns “in the strongest possible terms” all statements that are explicitly or implicitly directed against any social group or minority living in Hungary. "

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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