European Velo Marathon, Hungary, 13 - 18 June

  • 13 Jun 2012 9:00 AM
European Velo Marathon, Hungary, 13 - 18 June
"The European Velo Marathon 2012 – the alternative Olympic Torch Relay for Road Peace is a 55-day ride from Bulgaria to London to promote cycling, sustainable travel and road safety.

The international relay will be led by my father, the veteran Bulgarian cyclist Mladen Belchev. I was inspired to organise the event after he almost died in a road accident last year. Despite his injuries, Mladen is completing the 2,500 mile journey to the Olympic stadium in London using the HASE kettwiesel recumbent trike.

More than just cycling

Mladen will be accompanied by 20 other European cyclists on the ride. Our team will travel through 11 countries, following the EuroVelo cycle network.

Our challenge is to complete the distance. But the ride is not just about the journey.

* We are co-organising and hosting events in 11 European countries to inspire cycling and promote safer roads
* We are meeting with the mayors and local authorities of European villages, towns and seven capital cities, inviting them to do what is in their power to improve conditions for one of the most sustainable forms of transport – the bicycle
* We are making a film documentary of the marathon and collecting stories of victory, success and wisdom
* We are providing a media opportunity for local organisations to push their campaigns for safer cycling, better road safety and a healthier world
* We are nurturing discussion about what inspires people to cycle, how to take greater care when driving, how to overcome challenges and fear, how to get up after a fall and continue, living on

We depart from Sofia, Bulgaria on 2 June 2012 and will cross the finish line in London on 25 July 2012 –two days before the opening of the Olympics. By cycling over 3500km we want to celebrate the most sustainable Olympic Games ever."

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