Media Council Bars Klubrádió From 95.3 In Budapest

  • 6 Jul 2012 9:00 AM
Media Council Bars Klubrádió From 95.3 In Budapest
The Media Council has barred Klubrádió from the tender for the 95.3 radio frequency, sources report. Earlier a court excluded Autórádió from the tender due to formal error and ordered the Media Council to announce a new winner. The council then examined bids by eleven radio stations and interpreted regulations to mean that Klubrádió was also excluded for formal mistakes, saying that not every page of its bid had been signed and numbered.

Klubrádió president and managing director András Arató said it will challenge the ruling in court. He showed via web camera that the bid was indeed signed and numbered.

The Socialist Party protested the ruling, noting in a statement that the Media Council, composed of members loyal to the present government, with its head Annamária Szalai serving Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, again “performed their duty well” when resorting to concocted and hypocritical reasons to bar Klubrádió from a tender which it could have won in “any state governed by rule of law.”

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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