Xploring Hungary: Gyöngyös Highwaymen´s Inn, Rezi

  • 12 Jul 2012 12:30 PM
Xploring Hungary: Gyöngyös Highwaymen´s Inn, Rezi
"Though originally built as a hunting lodge in 1728, the building was later converted into a roadside inn. It was a favourite among the Bakony highwaymen. This attractive example of vernacular architecture still hosts a restaurant today. The outside form of the inn is similar to those of the peasant houses of the region, although its interior is significantly different. The converted main room with its two windows facing the street is the bar which still features the old wooden, railed-off counter. The innkeeper took refuge here whenever a fight broke out. The chipped marks of the old beams were supposedly left behind by the highwaymen's axes.

The old inn, which features in several highwayman legends, was one of the most well known wayside inns along the market routes of the West-Transdanubian region. It is still a popular site for excursions. Objects displayed in the bar evoke the bygone days of the outlaws.

In the middle of the 19th century bandits like Sour Joe (Savanyú Jóska), Blind Elisha (Vak Illés) and Stoneknife Steve (Kőkés Pista), were frequent and rather unpredictible visitors of the inn. They were betrayed and in 1862 the local constables trapped them in a cellar on Rezi Hill. Killed in the ambush, the outlaws were buried under the willow tree next to the Inn."

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How to get there:
By public Rezi is served from Keszthely. By car go to Keszthely and continue north to Rezi through Cserszegtomaj.

Address: On the road between Cserszegtomaj and Rezi
Phone: 83/373-006

Source: hungarystartshere.com

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