Invitation: Researchers’ Night In Hungary, 28 September

  • 24 Aug 2012 9:00 AM
Invitation: Researchers’ Night In Hungary, 28 September
On the eve of 28 September the doors of the laboratories will open up, researchers will get off their white gown and will translate their research results and scientific findings into everyday terms. Hidden treasures of labs and libraries will be unveiled, researchers will play music, exhibit their paintings, read their poems, perform theatre, exchange about their passions, and much more.

Let's join them in this evening and dive in the fascinating world of science together.

We – the public – will be involved in a wide range of exciting, fun, creative but scientific activities and also programmes linked to the Year of Biodiversity.

The proposed programmes include laboratory visits, spectacular public experiments, nuclear reactor and flight simulator visits, wild life and ethology demonstrations, skills development for the disabled, hide-and-seek in botanical gardens, creative programmes and drawing competition for kids, researchers' pubs, wine tasting, a library night, art exhibitions, music concerts, theatre performances, poems and lawsuits presented by researchers, a science bus, a street ball, sport tournaments, cooking with researchers, spaghetti bridge construction, „street science” programmes and innumerable other exciting events.

Visitors will have the opportunity to interact and converse with the more than 600 participating researchers and get more deeply acquainted with the world of science.

The events will take place in 21 towns of Hungary all over the country.

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