Romanian-Hungarian Bilateral Relations Should Be Based Upon The Mutual Respect Of Human Rights

  • 2 Aug 2012 9:00 AM
Romanian-Hungarian Bilateral Relations Should Be Based Upon The Mutual Respect Of Human Rights
The protection of human rights, including the rights of ethnic Hungarians, is a key issue in terms of relations between Hungary and Romania, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zsolt Németh told a press conference on July 31.

Németh mentioned that the good relationship between Viktor Orbán and Romanian President Traian Băsescu and, in accordance with recent European trends on developing ties between parties belonging to the same political family, the close and solid ties built between Fidesz and its sister party in Romania, had played an important role in developing fruitful relations between the two countries.

He added that Traian Băsescu’s continuation in office after the invalid referendum would continue to positively impact Hungarian-Romanian ties. The political campaign and the manner in which the referendum was conducted met the criteria of the rule of law, he emphasized.

The State Secretary stressed, good relationships shall continue between the two countries but he also mentioned that Romania should further strengthen political stability within its borders and should absolutely respect fundamental rights, including minority rights. He also added that mutual solidarity was crucial for the future of the Central-European region.

With regard to upcoming parliamentary elections in Romania, Zsolt Németh put forward that if the afore-mentioned circumstances were to be created, Hungary was open to cooperation with the Romanian government irrespective of its composition. He also said that it was of fundamental importance for Transylvanian Hungarians to participate in the autumn elections since it was crucial for them to strengthen their own political representation, an endeavour the Hungarian government was ready to support.

Finally, when asked about fighting in Syria he said that the Hungarian state was committed to an international intervention, this was not an avoidable issue. This regime should end, he said, by adding that he hoped UN Security Council permanent members Russia and China would accept this standpoint and an international intervention would be able to put an end to the brutal massacres in Syria.

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