Travelling In Hungary Became Cheap, Ecological And Fun

  • 21 Sep 2012 9:00 AM
Travelling In Hungary Became Cheap, Ecological And Fun
Everybody knows that we are facing in this moment an important economic crisis, which is reaching all the population in many ways, like the continuous fuel price increases for example. But did you know that you can save money, help the environment and meet new people while travelling? The answer is well-known (and used) for a long time now in North America and Western Europe so it is naturally becoming more famous in Hungary too: it’s carpooling.

The platform (and its English version) has been launched some days ago to develop this new transport mode which is based on sharing:

• The driver share his / her available seats for the trips he / she does,
• The passengers share the driver’s trip and costs (fuel and highway).

At the end, all the ingredients are present to enjoy and repeat the experience according to Katona Gabor, the autOsztunk co-founder:

“Carpooling is developed and supported by the public administrations in many occidental countries because it has plenty of advantages:
• Both drivers and passengers save money on their trips (in most of the cases, carpooling is cheaper than travelling by bus or train).
• Traveling alone is rarely more pleasant than travelling with some people because the carpoolers can discuss with each other during the trip
• It’s a way to reduce the CO2 emissions by allowing the people to share one car instead of travelling with their 3 or 4 “empty” vehicles.”

M. Katona added that “45% of the carpoolers have between 25 - 39 years and they can save more than 500 000 ft per year in average” (according to the stats provided by, leader carpooling website in Germany).

In Hungary, more than 25 000 people carpool regularly (or at least experienced carpooling) in the last years… but the autOsztunk team believes that their platform will help to multiplicate by 3 the number of regular users in the next 18 months.

The website has been designed to easily allow carpoolers to find and contact each other. Many features like the profile reviews or the connections with Facebook have been made to improve the selection of the right person to travel with. also have an english version to welcome in his community the foreigners living in Hungary.


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