Information: Heritage Trains On Children's Railway In Budapest

  • 27 Nov 2012 8:00 AM
Information: Heritage Trains On Children's Railway In Budapest
The Children's Railway possesses many vehicles of historical interest. They are industrial relics as well as specialties very popular with passengers.

Steam Engines

The most popular ones of them all are the steam engines. There are two of them listed at the Children's Railway. They are No's 490,039 and 490,056. Both are authentic steam engines running on coal and steam with a history of decades of active service.

Steam hauled heritage trains are scheduled at weekends and on public holidays throughout the year. There is one service from both terminals of Szechenyi-hegy and Huvosvolgy in the morning and another one in the afternoon. However, they might get cancelled in special circumstances, e.g. at an official notice of restriction of using fire in the woods or in extreme weather conditions.

Usually it is one of the two steam engines assigned to these services. Sometimes, depending on the volume of expected passengers, both locomotives are stoked to pull the heritage train together. The set usually includes heritage passengers' carriages, too, or, in the summer, open compartment ones.

Steam engine services in October

Steam engine services are expected to be operated every weekend in October 2012.

Scheduled steam engine services are due to depart Huvosvolgy Station at 10:10 and 13:45 hrs, Szechenyi-hegy Station at 11:40 and 15:00 hrs at every Saturday and Sunday.

Heritage railcar set

The heritage railcar set is a unique set of vehicles in Hungary. The railcar itself is literally second to none, the only remaining vehicle of its kind in the country.

The set contains the railcar, three passengers' carriages, a postal service carriage and a saloon car. They can be distinguished by their blue and white livery, except for the postal service carriage which has got a green and white coating.

Heritage railcar trains are operated only on Sundays and public holidays from May to August according to the timetable. There are three services departing both terminals of Szechenyi-hegy and Huvosvolgy a day.

The set is seldom assigned to relief services in case of a high number of expected passengers as well.

Of course, these trains are hauled by the railcar itself. It might run alone or hauling some of its trailers. Sometimes the railcar is operated with one of the open compartment carriages or the oldest passengers' carriage on the rolling stock of the Children's Railway, originating in 1902.

Heritage railcar services in October

The heritage railcar set is going to be operated in relief services throughout the month. Heritage railcar services are scheduled for every weekend day in October 2012.

Scheduled heritage railcar services are due depart Huvosvolgy Station at 9:40, 12:00 and 14:30 hrs, Szechenyi-hegy Station at 10:55, 13:20 and 15:35 hrs at every Saturday and Sunday.


Special fares apply on the scheduled heritage trains. They are slightly higher than the ones on regular passengers' services.

When planning to ride either a steam engine hauled train, the booking officer or the conductor issues the passenger with a supplementary ticket in addition to the regular one."

Photo: Steam engine hauled heritage train


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