New Gödör Klub In Budapest Opens On 30th November

  • 30 Nov 2012 8:00 AM
New Gödör Klub In Budapest Opens On 30th November
Not an entire year has passed since the crew of Gödör Klub had to leave the place that had given its name to the club; a hole in the ground in the middle of Erzsébet square. (Gödör means hole in Hungarian.) The new home of Gödör Klub will be in Central Passage, 8-10 Király Street, and the opening weekend will be 30th November - 1st December, read on for details

Among many reasons, tradition is one why ‘Müller Péter Sziámi’ will be the band to open on 30th November, as he was one of the first performers 10 years ago at Erzsébet square. Old melodies of Sziámi, songs of CatsandOX featuring Eszter Takáts, followed by many of our friends…

The Mississippi Big Beat – a band of the harmonics player, local blues veteran Andor Oláh, and guitar player, Csaba Gál Boogie – accompanies us to a new and exciting, but nostalgic world. Import musicians and producers from the Hungarian electro scene. Mix them together with alchemists bringing the slang of rap, the nectar of folk music, and the rhythm of Big Beat. Stir the mixture in a pot that is sooty with blues, and contains some magic mushrooms by chance. What you get is Delta Disco.

The closing show of the opening day will be given by Zagar. Their long awaited new album, titled Light Leaks, is coming out in February, next year. But their first single, Space Medusa, is making an unusual debut sooner this November. Balázs Zságer and his band decided to bring attention to the upcoming premiere in an uncustomary manner which would involve the audience in active co-operation.

Space Medusa would find its way to the fan base via facebook, using a music player app that was developed exclusively for this occasion. Using this application, the song had been broken down to single audio tracks and one second sound samples for the listeners to put together, and help in recreating the song. The demonstration of this experiment and a small preview of the new record is what makes this concert worth to see.

Following the concerts, Tom Select (Girls and Mathematics) will be there to select the best of music till dawn. On 1st December, after listening to Dirty Disco Rockers from Slovakia playing experimental-electric-rock music, Korai Öröm will be about to break all hell loose. The party will continue with Korai’s Banditos after the shows.

There will be an 800 HUF entrance fee for both days of the opening weekend.

More about the program, and further information:

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