Hungarian Government Strongly Condemned Remarks Made By Jobbik MP

  • 5 Dec 2012 8:02 AM
Hungarian Government Strongly Condemned Remarks Made By Jobbik MP
The Office of the Government Spokesman, the Fidesz party faction and various governmental politicians have condemned to the greatest possible degree the statement made in Parliament by Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi. According to the Office of the Government Spokesman, the Government takes the strictest possible action against every form of racism and anti-Semitic behaviour and does everything in order to ensure that malicious voices incompatible with European norms are driven back, adding that every citizen will be protected from such insults. The Deputy State Secretary for International Communications Ferenc Kumin made it clear that the Hungarian Government condemns these kinds of remarks most determinedly.

At the conference on tackling hate speech organized by the Council of Europe in partnership with the EEA and Norway Grants, Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog emphasized that we determinedly reject the idea of grouping or stigmatizing people because of their origins. He said that the hate speech organized on a state basis during the communist dictatorship is still alive today, and so it is our task to act forcefully against it.

Reacting to the comments, State Secretary Zsolt Németh announced that a new, unacceptable and most determinedly condemnable racial theory has been articulated that is a dangerous thought that facilitated the division of the nation. It is contradictory to the protection of human rights and human dignity, he continued.

Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, László Kövér said that it is unacceptable and expressed his hopes that every party supports the tightening of regulations that would enable the post sanctioning of similar acts.

Regarding the remarks of Márton Gyöngyösi, the Fidesz party faction led by Antal Rogán declared that it is unacceptable adding that every political power must step up against statements like this, as could also have been done by the vice-chairman of the plenary session. According to Antal Rogán, the Fidesz party condemns every form of anti-Semitism and it is obliged to protect every Jewish and non-Jewish person.

Referring to the remarks Gergely Gulyás, the Deputy Fidesz faction leader pointed out to journalists that the Fidesz party will submit its law modification proposal that says: if the presiding chairman does not make any proposal on imposing a fine on a representative that hurts the dignity of Parliament, then the chair of Parliament will also have an option to do so in five days. The fee may be at the most one third of the representative salary in line with the law. He emphasized that the preservation of dignity is highly important so these statements must be sanctioned respecting the freedom of speech and the right of immunity.

At the demonstration against Jobbik, parliamentary group leader of the ruling Fidesz party Antal Rogan rejected all "racist expressions" or the "refutation of suffering and death of innocent millions". Rogan said "a genocide is always preceded by lists" and said it was unacceptable that "people should fail to learn the lessons of the past 100 years". No Hungarian citizen should be humiliated or stigmatised because of his religion or ethnicity, Rogan added.

As a consequence the Committee of Constitutional Affairs in the Hungarian Parliament has taken a stance in the case of the Jobbik MP remarks supported by the representatives of the ruling party and Hungarian Socialist Party. The report stated that Márton Gyöngyösi’s remarks offended the people of Jewish origin, while using expressions that are particularly insulting against Jewish people. Furthermore, it has been declared that Zoltán Balczó also offended the rule of law, because he failed to reprimand the Jobbik MP.

Viktor Orbán stated in the Parliament that Jewish compatriots would be protected. "As long as I am in this post, no one in Hungary can be harmed because of their faith, convictions or origin. I would like to make it clear that (…) we, Hungarians will protect our Jewish compatriots" he said, adding that Hungary has suffered dictatorship and nothing or no one will derail Hungary from the democratic conviction, the love of freedom and the unconditional respect of human dignity.

Viktor Orbán met with the Chairman of MAZSIHISZ (Association of Hungarian Jewish Religious Communities) and Péter Feldmájer expressed his gratitude for the Prime Minister’s statement in Parliament and also expressed his appreciation to faction leader of Fidesz Antal Rogán for participating and speaking out on Sunday’s demonstration against anti-Semitism.


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