ELTE Faculty Of Humanities In Budapest: Semper Prima – Always Number One

  • 9 Jan 2013 8:00 AM
ELTE Faculty Of Humanities In Budapest: Semper Prima – Always Number One
The Faculty of Humanities of ELTE was recently ranked for the eighth time again as the number one higher educational institute in Hungary. Since 2007, HVG have been publishing the rankings of each university and, according to Ministry figures, the Faculty of Humanities of ELTE University is in top position of the 70 institutes of higher education and 161 faculties in Hungary.

This academic excellence can be attributed to the fact that this university has shaped and created the professional intellectual elite of the Hungarian society for 378 years. The ELTE Faculty of Humanities now offers 59 BA, 76 MA and 72 PhD programs in 64 languages, and 19 different areas of training for future teachers.

Tamás Dezső, the dean of the Faculty of Humanities commented, “for this exceptional result we are grateful to our colleagues, to the best scholars, professors and researchers in the country, and .. also to the students who choose us, honour us with their trust and contribute by means of their hard work to raise the prestige of our Faculty".

The Dean encourages high school students to select from the uniquely rich portfolio of disciplines and apply to the Faculty of Humanities since – as he says – “we train the crème de le crème of the future intellectuals who will shape our future, and - according to independent polls- we give the most valuable degrees and diplomas in the market”!

The University already has a great international community but continues to welcome students from all over the world. It offers international governmental scholarships, Erasmus programs, short and long term programs and summer courses in English in many different subjects.

The Faculty of Humanities will have an open day on 24th of January 2014 starting at 10 a.m. at the Astoria, Múzeum krt campus. During this open day, everybody can get information about the different disciplines and an insight in the everyday workings of the university.

More information about the open day on 24 January by clicking here

By Zsofia Kata Vincze for XpatLoop.com

Proofread by Paul St. Pierre

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