Hungary's Fidesz Alleges Business Interests Behind EU Concerns

  • 15 May 2013 9:00 AM
Hungary's Fidesz Alleges Business Interests Behind EU Concerns
The EU’s expressed concerns about Hungary’s constitutional system have nothing to do with democracy, but are a response to the cuts in utility fees, Fidesz caucus leader Antal Rogan told reporters.

The EU is on the side of banks and large companies, he said, as he asked whose interests Socialist Party president Attila Mesterhazy really represents.

Asserting that political attacks have been launched against Hungary, Rogan and deputy caucus leader Gergely Gulyas said the draft report on the rule of law in Hungary submitted by Portuguese MEP Rui Tavares on Tuesday is the most obvious proof of double standards applied against Hungary, is teeming with factual errors and contravenes EU law.

The document suggests that Hungary may have failed to honour the values laid down in the EU Treaty.

Hungarian EU commissioner Laszlo Andor told Nepszabadsag that criticisms of the government are not stoked from Budapest, nor by the left wing, but are justified by constitutional measures thought to be worrisome.

No matter how hard Fidesz tries to claim otherwise, he said, the EU does not apply double standards against Hungary.

European Parliament Speaker Martin Schulz said he is unaware of any “global left-wing conspiracy against Hungary,” nor has Viktor Orban spoken of one in their meetings.

Orban is a talented politician who has a special knack for avoiding questions inconvenient to him by blowing things out of proportion around him, Schulz observed.

But, he continued, that will not save him from having to answer concrete questions on Hungary from the European Commission and other bodies sooner or later.

Schulz concluded: “I acknowledge Orban's abilities as a politician and party leader, but he ought to act like a statesman from time to time”.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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