Dance Evenings In The Carmelite Courtyard, Budapest

  • 18 Jul 2013 9:00 AM
Dance Evenings In The Carmelite Courtyard, Budapest
Imagine „A memorial for those, who once created, worked with a beating heart and spirit, not sparing their muscles and breaths, with the power of thought and by exceeding their mortal nature contributed to all of what we call human culture.” (Béla Földi)

Date of the performance: July 30, Tuesday, 8.30 pm.
Imagine - Imagine/Sec/Bolero by Budapest Dance Theatre

The eternal mysteries of birth and death bring up unanswered questions. Our lives and deaths are not our decisions.

Bolero Bolero is a classic inspiring choreographers because it was born for dancing. Listening to Bolero, music is transformed into a visual orgasm in our souls and bodies.

July 31, Wednesday, 8.30 P.M.
August 15, Thursday, 8.30 P.M.
Casa de Tango
László Budai and Guests - (dance workshop follows the performance)

Description: The show is set in a notorious dive in a 1930s Buenos Aires slum. The patrons include gentlemen on a night out, lovers, adulterers, respectable and not so respectable citizens. This is the place where they dance the tango, which had been excluded from the more reputable and socially recognised scenes of society life.

August 1, Thursday, 8.30 P.M.
August 13, Tuesday, 8.30 P.M.
Tango Sabor
Josip Bartulovic, Kulik Johanna and the Budapest Tango Orchestra (dance workshop follows the performance)

Description: Tango is not like life, tango is life itself. Josip and Johanna present the collaborative work of 13 years. Tango Sabor, i.e. the flavour of tango, appears in their dances, which are sensual and emotive. It is the dance of remembrance and forgetting and also of the eternal senses, because no emotion grows old together with the body. The deepest and truest desire is the desire to get closer to someone, and this is already realised in the tango embrace and materialises during the dance.

The proximity is keeping a distance at the same time. That is what gives it its seductive power. This performance introduces this game between man and woman through the different faces of the tango. Along with the works of Astor Piazzolla you can hear the most melodic tango pieces which are made even more unforgettable by the Pest Tango Orchestra. Their speciality is the bandoneon, the real accordion, which is the soul of the tango orchestra.

August 2, Friday, 8.30 P.M.
August 8, Thursday, 8.30 P.M.
Las Flamencas  - Mother and Daughter
Andrea Lippai and the FlamenCorazonArte Dance Theatre (dance workshop follows the performance)

Description: The greatest joy for a mother is to see her calling continued in her daughter. Nevertheless, it is alarming and disheartening to realise how short our ephemeral art is. The beloved calling, the ART OF DANCE – FLAMENCO –, which is capable of enchanting, uniting different nations with its spellbinding power, captivates everyone.

The pulsating RHYTHM the suggestive presence of EMOTIONS has a grip on the dancer and the audience alike with its sweeping energy. This art, vibrant with contrasts, is able to express the primal force of youth, and the fine nuances of the beauty of mortality. There is no secret, just honesty. Karma is eternal. DANCE IS JOY!

August 6, Tuesday 8.30 P.M.
Vukán-Chopin: Visual Notes
Budapest Dance Theatre

Description: Chopin is one of the greatest poets in the world of music. He is capable of expressing dramas in only a few bars. His work with Franz Liszt in Paris was based on mainly improvisation. Proceeding from this, original music and their transcriptions will alternate during the play. The power of improvisation diminishes, therefore it’s hard to recall it and write it down. This pure musicality and poetry is what really catches someone – because the artist is who transmits his/her intuition. - György Vukán

We’ve already created two successful plays with György Vukán (Jazz-sekt, Rhapsody in Blue). The harmony of live music and dance is such a special experience in a theatre. So this is why we’ve come up with the idea to create a performance that can present Europe-wide this special philosophy of live music and the art of dance. The music of Chopin expressed through György Vukán’s virtuoso improvisation allows us dancers to remount ourselves to our roots when music and dance were born out of inseparable human instincts.- Béla Földi

August 7, Wednesday, 8.30 P.M.
Dezső Fitos Company

Description: This dance concerns the brave and wary travellers who staggered aboard a ship in Fiume (today Rijeka in Croatia). At the other end, hungry and idle, they waited at the tip of Manhattan for an agent to take them to the mines of Pennsylvania to be worked as slaves. This dance is about these 'staggerers', who arrived in America before World War I, nauseous and staggering into an alien world. It is about the wandering Hungarians, who stood on the soil of the New World with a clear countenance but a staggering heart.

August 9, Friday, 8.30 P.M.
August 16, Friday, 8.30 P.M.
The Winds of Spring
Duna Art Ensemble -
(dance workshop follows the performance)

Description: For 50 years, the artists of the Duna Art Ensemble have considered it their aim to jointly satisfy the requirements of both cultivating traditions and of presence. Their performance evokes the “illustrious days” of the spring celebrations. Sacral and profane, destitute-aesthetic days, and “days” spent in the spirit of plenitude will alternate on stage: loud merriment and formal solemnity alike.

August 14, Wednesday, 8.30 P.M.
Botafogo Dance Ensemble (dance workshop follows the performance)

Description: World champions in show dance formation and European champions in visual dance formation, Botafogo Dance Ensemble had a great idea and attempted the impossible: to dance a game of chess. The complications begin in the two-act dance drama when the Dark King falls in love with the Light Queen. From here on events rush unstoppably towards their destiny – or do they? Can the chess player interfere with the private lives of the chess pieces, is a restart possible, is it possible to break out from the strict rules? Are the infinite combinations of moves just a theory, or can mathematical equations come to life? Dozens of performances to full houses prove that creative imagination overcomes every obstacle.

The ensemble escorts the audience on a special journey into the world of the officers and pawns, where the special, unique dance language of the ensemble creates a common space between man and man, where it is revealed how narrow the boundary is between peace and war, where life itself is just a big game of chess: war, strife, love, intrigue and, of course a game.

In case of bad weather our performances will be held in the Main Auditorium.

Ticket prices: 2 500 HUF

Source: National Dance Theatre

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