New Frozen Yogurt Shop Opens In Downtown Budapest

  • 1 Aug 2013 9:45 AM
New Frozen Yogurt Shop Opens In Downtown Budapest
The new frozen yogurt shop that recently opened in the 6th District is a Hungarian and French joint venture. The recipe for its frozen yogurt, which is much healthier than traditional ice cream, originates from Italy, but fresh milk and fresh yogurt is purchased from local Hungarian sources. The founders say they plan to open further 'Yogurt Fabbrica' shops in Budapest and in bigger Hungarian cities.

Frozen yogurt is made with fresh milk and fresh yogurt, and has become popular around the world, mainly because it contains less sugar, calories and fat, than ice cream (only 122,2 kcal per 100 gram serving). 'Yogurt Fabbrica', opened in 21 Hajós street, near the Opera, offers classic and flavored versions of frozen yogurt, numerous toppings, fresh fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee, etc.

The history of 'Yogurt Fabbrica' began on a trip to the U.S. where the now partners Emil Ferenczy and Henri Boulgakov experienced frozen yogurt there together. They immediately fell in love with its taste and as frozen yogurt was not available in Budapest at that time, they decided to introduce it to the Hungarian capital.

Yogurt Fabbrica was officially founded in 2012. Plans are about opening further shops in the next two years in Hungary, and they will be operated under the brand Yogurt Fabbrica, too.


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