BKK’s Helps Visitors About How To Get Around By Public Transport In Budapest

  • 24 Sep 2013 9:00 AM
BKK’s Helps Visitors About How To Get Around By Public Transport In Budapest
Following the successful pilot operation, BKK’s new public transport customer service points have been opened at Budapest’s international airport. The new customer service points help arriving visitors with information and provide booklets on public transport. BKK’s entire ticket and travelcard range are on sale allowing tourists arriving to Budapest to purchase 24-hour and 72-hour tickets at the airport or even other types of tickets, travelcards or passes.

 The customer service point already operates in its final layout at the arrival side of Terminal 2B, while its location will be finalised in the beginning of 2014 at Terminal 2A after the refurbishment of the arrival hall. Until that time a counter will temporarily serve the function of the customer service point at Terminal 2A.

As part of the programmes of World Tourism Day, BKK provides English-language booklets at the international airport to assist arriving visitors with information on how to get around by public transport and also on special transport services. In addition to selling tickets, travelcards and passes, BKK attendants provide useful transport and touristic information from early morning to late evening from Monday to Sunday in both Hungarian and English.

The recently-opened customer service points are long overdue: up till now new visitors or Hungarian residents returning home had no way of buying public transport tickets and getting relevant travel information at the international airport. Budapest city management and BKK find it equally important for visitors to find their way around in the transport system easily and to buy their tickets conveniently when arriving at the airport. Later on we intend to install public transport ticket vending machines at the airport.

The customer service point at the central part of the arrival level of Terminal 2B is open from Monday to Sunday from 6:35 to 22:15. The temporary customer service counter at the arrival level of terminal 2A is open from 8:45 to 20:20. The final location for its operation will be designated in the beginning of 2014 after the reconstruction of the hall.

Our customers have been able to take care of public transport, road management and freight transport access issues at the first centrally located BKK Customer Service Point at the Rumbach Center office building since its opening in 2012. The customer point opening on 3 July 2013 is the first in a row of several centres BKK intends to open at the busiest transport hubs of Budapest in three phases until 2016.

At the customer service points two representatives while in customer centres three to six representatives will be ready to assist and serve customers. These sales and information points will be tightly connected to the establishment of the automated fare collection (AFC) scheme since they will be able to support the demands of the newly ticketing scheme. The services of the customer points will be complemented in the near future by new ticket vending machines making the obtaining of tickets, travelcards and passes possible around the clock.

Since its establishment in 2010, BKK has been paying extra attention to providing appropriate information to visitors arriving in Hungary: more and more surfaces feature information in English, in addition to Hungarian.

Source: Centre for Budapest Transport

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