Invitation: 1st Chimney Cake Festival, Budapest, 11 - 13 October

  • 24 Sep 2013 9:00 AM
Invitation: 1st Chimney Cake Festival, Budapest, 11 - 13 October
This fall, celebrating the forthcoming 10th birthday of Vitéz Kürtős, we’ve decided to host the 1st Chimney Cake Festival, which would be an event in every respect perfect for establishing a tradition. Nowadays the chimney cake is an indispensable element of every festival and culinary event, so now it’s high time to organize a festival where the main role is played by the chimney cake.

The 1st Chimney Cake Festival promises to be the most delicious and fragrant event in Budapest, but also in the whole of Hungary, where visitors can learn everything about this traditional yet innovative, modern delicacy.

There are several ways of preparing the chimney cake, and also numerous ways of enhancing its delicious flavour. Thus, the festival offers a wide variety of chimney cakes, prepared over charcoal or fried in oil, with an endless variety of tastes and in many sizes. Moreover, we also present the “Kürtőske”, the modern mini cake, and our visitors can taste such chimney cake delicacies as the “Kürtős Krémes” with delicious creamy filling, “Kürtős Loops”, “Kürtőskalács with Chocolate Drops”, or the “Kürtős Bearing”. We also provide the opportunity to try such novelties as chimney cakes made using whole wheat flour or gluten- and lactose-free ingredients.

The main aim of the festival is to promote the chimney cake as a Hungaricum, to present its original, traditional way of preparation, and thus to preserve Hungarian traditions.

The main event of the 1st Chimney Cake Festival is the great group chimney cake bake-off. Those who register themselves in advance to this event can prepare their own chimney cakes according to the secret Vitéz Kürtős recipe, and will be allowed to glance behind the scenes of baking, and thus setting the record for “group chimney cake baking”!

The appeal of the event lies not only in the irresistible smell of the chimney cake, but also in the refreshing concerts and famous performers who will be entertaining our guests. The band Indygo wrote the “Kürtőskalács” song especially for this occasion, and will perform it on Friday, on the opening day of the festival.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The great group bake-off

Learn more about the chimney cake

Venue: Városháza Park, Budapest, District V., by Deák Ferenc Square

How to get there:

By car:
1053 Budapest, District V., Charles Boulevard, on the right from Deák Ferenc Square towards the Astoria.
Parking: on the surrounding streets, pay on weekdays until 8:00 PM, free on weekends.
Nearby parking garages:
- Centrum Parkoló (V., Szervita Square 8.)
- Elizabeth Square underground garage (V., Elizabeth Square)
- Bazilika underground garage (V., Sas Street)

By public transport:
All three metros stop at Deák Ferenc Square. Stopping near Városháza Park: buses 16, 105, 5, 7 and 173; trolleybus 74; trams 47 and 49. At night: 973 and 907.


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