Seasonal Offer From Budai Gesztenyés Restaurant, Bordering Budapest & Budakeszi

  • 24 Sep 2013 9:00 AM
Seasonal Offer From Budai Gesztenyés Restaurant, Bordering Budapest & Budakeszi
Whilst taking a walk in the Buda hills, why not visit our 111 year old restaurant in Budakeszi under the shade of large maroon trees. As you enjoy the clean air and restful atmosphere of our Mediterranean garden, we will introduce you to the culinary delights of our recently modified Hungarian gastronomy.

Our philosophy is simple and noble: to prepare delicate foods according to seasonal availabilities using high-quality, inland stocks and modern kitchen technologies; then match them with superb Hungarian wines to complement our traditional Hungarian cuisine.

Weekly recommendation - Poet for a Grapes until 3  October

Smoked duck breast with almond and grapes dip 1 550 Huf

Goose liver on the grapes tuiles 1 950 Huf

Saffron scented Goose soup with porcini 750 Huf

Pork filet with beetroot pie and honey grapes 2 950 Huf

Rose duck breast with goat cheese pie and raisin demi glace 3 100 Huf

Pork bellies stuffed with currants, served with zucchini
and sweet potato pure 2 700 Huf

Grilled Perch pike with prawn and chives risotto 2 950 Huf

Selection of grapes desserts 900 Huf

Tasting menu from the weekly recommendation

without Wines

3 course 4 900 Ft
4 course 5 900 Ft
5 course 7 200 Ft

with Wines

3 course 5 500 Ft
4 course 6 900 Ft
5 course 8 400 Ft

Address and contact:

Budai Gesztenyés Restaurant
(Budai Gesztenyés Étterem és Kávézó)
2092 Budakeszi, Szanatórium u. 2. (Fő út 1.)
Tel: +36 23 450 534
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