New Budapest Exhibition Hall At Bálna Builidng In Budapest

  • 24 Oct 2013 9:00 AM
New Budapest Exhibition Hall At Bálna Builidng In Budapest
The new exhibition space of the New Budapest Gallery will become an important and pivotal locale within the capital’s art scene. In accordance with the concept developed specifically for this 760 square meter space, the institution will emerge as a modern representative showplace for exhibitions displaying works by artists living in Budapest, their artistic connections, and their ties to partner cities.

The New Budapest Gallery, which is located on the second floor of the Bálna Warehouse no. 2 will present outstanding Hungarian and international oeuvres and art groups and works of 20th century and contemporary art. The new exhibition space will simultaneously represent, along thematic and conceptual lines, manifestations of art historical traditions of the recent past and artistic endeavors of today. Alongside solo and oeuvre exhibitions, newly completed works will also be accorded space in the gallery.

The new location’s unique character may also come to be an inspiration for new works of art, most notably works of installation art. We also consider it important to create opportunities for guest curators to present their ideas.

The new location and the new profile will offer an opportunity to organize thematic group shows with international participants. Such exhibitions will reflect on the most important current developments in contemporary art. The Danube-idea, adapted to embrace the distinctive features of the capital city, will find expression in exhibitions organized in collaboration with professional international and Danubian partners.

The construction that is underway in the New Budapest Gallery will ensure lighting used in the most modern European museums, as well as a high level of flexibility and security for future exhibitions.

Following the completion of the construction work, which if all goes according to plan will be finished by the end of October, the first exhibition, entitled Budapest Immersion – 2013 and curated by Gábor Andrási, Péter Fitz and Tamás Török, will present a wide array of works reflecting present-day tendencies in art. With this opening exhibition, the almost sixty artists working and living in Hungary’s capital who were invited to participate will “take possession” of this space.


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