New Publication Showcases Hungary's Excellent White Wines

  • 13 Nov 2013 8:00 AM
New Publication Showcases Hungary's Excellent White Wines
The Ministry of Rural Development has issued an exclusive publication showcasing the status of Hungarian white wines at the end of 2013. The state portfolio aims to help producers get their wines onto the market and the English language version, which will be published in December, also targets foreign markets. 15,000 copies of the publication will be printed in both Hungarian and English, and will be available free of charge to those interested.

Minister for Rural Development Sándor Fazekas launched the Book of Wine Excellence (White Wines, 2013), which is being published as the culmination and summary of the National Wine Tasting series (White), and through which the Ministry has attempted to search for and evaluate the most excellent white wines of the Hungarian wine regions and make these public treasures available to a wider audience.

Ministerial Commissioner Eliza Kiss announced that the cellars included in the publication have already received their certificates of merit, and in addition to the certificates will soon also receive the stickers which they can then apply to their wine bottles as proof of the fact that the item is a member of the National Wine Team.

Chairman of the National Wine Expert Committee András Horkay also explained the publication's professional structure and the concept and method of the selection process, as well as the system of selection criteria for three, four and five star wines that is based on international standards.

The Ministry of Rural Development is committed to helping the selected wines reach the market and to supporting their marketing, in accordance with which it has developed a strategic partnership with those wine traders (e.g. Bortársaság, In VIno Veritas) who have undertaken to afford special attention to the wines that have been selected as Excellent Wines during the course of the National Wine Tasting series, and to make them part of their marketing strategy.

Participation in the strategic partnership is open to anyone involved in the wine trade, and such enterprises can join the initiative at any time provided on accepting the mutually advantageous conditions.

The National Wine Tasting for Red and Rosé Wines will begin on 15 November 2013, according to the same procedure; detailed information will be made available on the community website of the National Wine Excellence Program.

Source: Ministry of Rural Development

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