Recently Renovated Baths Reopened In Gyula, Hungary

  • 20 Dec 2013 8:00 AM
Recently Renovated Baths Reopened In Gyula, Hungary
The Castle Baths on Gyula have been restored at a cost of almost HUF 1.2bn (some 4 million euros) and with the opening of the new AquaPalota (AquaPalace) water park on 6300 sqr metres, with 5 new pools and several new amenities, the facility has become an all-year bathing complex.

The Mayor of the city, Ernő Görgényi emphasised that this investment has not only created 21 new jobs, but it will also give tourism a significant boost. This means the protection of current workplaces and the possible creation of new ones at local hotels and restaurants.

At the ceremony, Deputy State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office Nándor Csepreghy said it took courage and proactivity from the city to launch an investment project of this scale. Gyula has seized the opportunity and used EU development funds effectively. Mr. Csepreghy also announced that the Government had come to a decision to transfer state ownership in the baths to the city at no cost.


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