Invitation: Jazz Legends, National Concert Hall Budapest, 1 February

  • 30 Jan 2014 8:02 AM
Invitation: Jazz Legends, National Concert Hall Budapest, 1 February
How can the story of half a century be encapsulated in two hours? Formed in 1963, vocal group The Swingle Singers will endeavour to do even more this evening in a show put together for the 50th anniversary of their foundation, throwing in some new numbers as well.

The story began in Paris when members of The Blue Stars of France vocal group directed by Blossom Dearie, among them Christiane Legrand (the sister of Michel Legrand) and Ward Swingle, decided as an exercise to rearrange complex, polyphonic instrumental compositions for vocal ensemble.

While singing their way through Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, one of the singers was moved to sing their part with swing – and so The Swingle Singers were born. Their first album, entitled Jazz Sébastien Bach, was an enormous success, topping the charts in the United Kingdom and the US and bringing the group the first of a string of Grammy Awards.

Their success lay in their professionalism and originality, and in an ability to perform in a broad range of genres without slipping into kitsch. In their concerts, Mozart, Vivaldi and Handel sit comfortably alongside Turkish folk music, Astor Piazzolla, the Beatles and Beyoncé.

The current incarnation of The Swingle Singers consists entirely of young singers, none of whom was born when the original group was formed. And yet they continue to travel the world as one of its most celebrated a cappella ensembles, showing complete dedication and professional humility as fully qualified trustees of the legacy of the original group.

Date and time: 1 February 2014, 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm
Venue: Bartók Béla National Concert Hall
Address: 109+5 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.

Featuring: Sara Brimer, Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson, Clare Wheeler, Christopher Jay, Oliver Griffiths, Edward Randell, Kevin Fox

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Prices: 3500, 5500, 6900, 8900, 11900 Ft

Source: Palace of Arts

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