Socialists Pledge Not To Withdraw Rights Of Ethnic Hungarians

  • 12 Mar 2014 8:00 AM
Socialists Pledge Not To Withdraw Rights Of Ethnic Hungarians
The Socialist Party, if it wins the election, will not withdraw the rights which have been afforded to Hungarian citizens living beyond the border, a Socialist lawmaker said after talks with officials of the ethnic Hungarian RMDSZ party and the Transylvanian Hungarian National Council (EMNT) in Cluj (Kolozsvár), Romania.

The Socialist Party backs the Transylvanian Hungarian community’s endeavours towards gaining autonomy and their struggle to use national symbols, István Ujhelyi told a news conference. There is no doubt that symbols may be freely displayed in an EU member state, Ujhelyi added.

Unlike ex-premier Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition party, the Socialists will continue to support the fast-tracked citizenship for ethnic Hungarians. Ujhelyi said he had reservations concerning ethnic Hungarians’ option to cast a ballot by mail in the upcoming Hungarian general election.

He said loopholes for fake registering and voting by a civil organisation or a party in the name of a private individual were causes for concern.


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