Akvárium Budapest Concerts This April

  • 2 Apr 2014 9:00 AM
Akvárium Budapest Concerts This April
From April 2014, we'll be providing you with even more music, food, drinks and events, in a louder, nicer and more colorful way. Club Akvárium is back, in the heart of Budapest, in the center of Erzsébet square, which has also changed for the better this year. Almost every bit of the Akvárium has changed: more concert halls, unique design elements, better sound and visual systems, and a new restaurant, the Aqua Bistro. But what stays the same is all the great concerts and parties, albeit more frequently and on a grander scale.

18 April - Brains

Brains is Hungary's most successful live electronic music band, with highly successful main stage festival performances and club appearances filled to the rafters all throughout the country.

Brains is gathering its devotees for its third stand-alone grand concert in Budapest in March, 2014. After two sold old concerts, the guys promise to deliver another a huge party for a third time with never before seen spectacular stage set up and visuals, as well as new songs and an extraordinary campaign reminiscent of comic books, based on the theme of their new song: Superheroes.

18 April - UVCT

Univercity or UVCT is a group of well-known Hungarian DJs, who are open to all styles of music.

The club night as basically centered on modern bass music, but it's open to many other forms of art as well. UVCT focus on musical genres appearing after and based on dubstep, while taking care not to limit themselves to the boundaries of any single style of music. Currently, the spotlight of the club nights is on moombahton, trap and its variants, which include twerk, zouk bass, molly grit, future reggaeton, dancehall, reggae, glitch-hop, juke, booty bass, house, dubstep, hardstyle, rave, breakbeat, bigroom and all other kinds of undefinable music.

25 April - Turbo

Turbo is an exciting Hungarian band with psychedelic and classic rock influences. Their new long-player is entitled Pentagram and the track Soul Sister has already been released from the album. The band Alithia will be opening for Turbo, in a similar musical vein.

26 April  - Andy C

Bladerunnaz pres. Andy C (Ram Records – UK) Andy C has been unbeaten in defending his throne as best DJ on various DJ polls. Lately, he's taken to using three decks for even trickier, faster, more technical mixes. Andy C is the kind of DJ who can play a less effective tune in a way that blows everyone away, whipping the mood into a frenzy. He's capable of unleashing extraordinary energies and apart from playing the latest, most exclusive, unreleased tunes, he always conjures up a few classic ones that bring back some pleasant memories. Andy C is currently touring with the sixth installment of his Nightlife mix album (which has a certain Hungarian relevance to it..) and thanks to the Bladerunnaz crew – which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year – we can welcome him back to Budapest in the renewed Club Akvárium, in the heart of the city. On 26 April, Andy C will show us what's hot in England in the world of drum and bass.

26  April -  Sena
Sena Dagadu came to Hungary from Ghana more than decade ago and has since become one of the defining Hungarian female vocalists. Sena's voices lends itself well to reggae, jazz, ska, pop and almost all other styles of music. Her new album Lots Of Trees makes great use of this diverse talent, offering R&B, hip-hop and pop songs performed in her own, unique way.

Source: akvariumklub.hu

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