Jobbik Plans To Play “Constructive Opposition” Role In Hungary, Says Vona

  • 7 Apr 2014 4:30 AM
Jobbik Plans To Play “Constructive Opposition” Role In Hungary, Says Vona
The radical nationalist Jobbik party plans to play a “constructive opposition role” and support all proposals that serve the interests of the country, party leader Gábor Vona said on Monday. Vona told public radio Kossuth that despite a failure to prevent the “two-thirds majority of Fidesz” and beat the left-wing alliance at Sunday’s election, Jobbik’s results of above 20% has made it the strongest Euro-sceptic national party in Europe.

Vona said that in his constituency in Gyöngyös he fell behind the winning candidate only by a few hundred votes but in this constituency “Roma people were being transported” to the polls, which he described as “legal but morally objectionable.”

“I acknowledge the result but do not consider it fair,” he added. Commenting on the upcoming European parliamentary election, he said Krisztina Morvai would head Jobbik’s list but the other candidates have not yet been chosen. Jobbik’s aim is to get Hungary’s EU accession treaty amended.

He said the party wanted to change current European policies targeting ever-closer union to a “Europe of nations” together with MEPs from other member states.


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