Matyó Easter, Mezőkövesd, Hungary, 19 - 21 April

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Matyó Easter, Mezőkövesd, Hungary, 19 - 21 April
Mezőkövesd, in the heart of Matyóland. Matyó people's name can be traced back to King Matthias, who in the 15th century raised Mezőkövesd to the status of royal town. Every year Mezőkövesd offers lots of programs to local residents and of course, to visiting tourists. The Matyó Easter is a three days festival featuring such diverse programs as angling competition, food benediction and folklore events. Reed on for detailed program.

19th April (Saturday)

Saint Leslie Church: 7.30 p.m. Easter Eve service and after it Resurrection procession

20th April (Sunday)

In Hadas district:
10.30 a.m. Puppet-show of Galagonya Puppet-Theatre (in the Dance Hall)
1.00 p.m. - 5 p.m. Performances of folk dance groups, singers, musicians
5.30 p.m. – 7 p.m. HOLDVIOLA hungarian electro folk music live concert

21st April (Monday)

In Hadas district:

8.30 a.m. Watering from a tractor
10 a.m. Consecration of Easter food and tasting
10.15 a.m - 5 p.m All-day-long performances of Matyó Folk Dance Group and other tradition-keeping groups, singers
11.00 a.m., 12.15 p.m., 1.30 p.m., 2.30 p.m. Matyó watering

Museum of Agricultural Machinery:  Easter animal-yard (free), V. Smiths’ Meeting (with museum entrance fee), antic market (opposite the museum)

20st April - 21st April (Sunday and Monday):

In Hadas district:

• Wooden merry-go round for children and folk toys
• Easter egg-painting show and handcraft occupation
• Market of folkart products
• Giant rabbits
• Craftman’s shows in the craftman’s houses

Matyó Yard (Mártírok str.19-21):  “Pipícs” baking, chocolate egg decoration, egg-painting, the possibility of putting on a traditional costume.

The entry and the parking are free on both days.

You can travel on a “small train” between Zsóry Bath and Hadas district on Sunday and Monday.

Information: Tourism Association of Matyóföld, Tel: (+36) 49/500-285

The Organizers reserve the right to alter the programs and the dates.

How to get to Mezőkövesd?

It is very easy to drive to Mezőkövesd: the town is situated along the no. 3 highway, and only 2 km from the M3 motorway. Thus the easiest way to get to Mezőkövesd is from the direction of Budapest, Miskolc and Eger.


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