Rebecca Ferguson, Club Akvárium Budapest, 9 July

  • 16 Apr 2014 9:02 AM
Rebecca Ferguson, Club Akvárium Budapest, 9 July
We're pleased to announce that twenty-something rising star, British X-Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson will be coming to Club Akvárium in July. If you show up, you can surely tell people in the years to come that you were there when Rebecca performed at the Main Hall in Erzsébet square, since this will probably be the last chance to see this female soul singer with her second album exploding in the USA in the close proximity of a club concert.

It's a relatively rare occasion for a female singer on the verge of global star-status to perform in Budapest, but the not-too-secretive goal of Club Akvárium was to make sure the tour buses wouldn't stop in Vienna, but rather to finally get a growing number of exciting, fresh and up-to-date acts to visit our country as well.

Rebecca Ferguson is one of the most original soul-R&B female singers around, who gave birth to her children at the tender age of 17 and 19 and thus had to give up her plans of becoming a singer, only to enter talent search competitions and finally make it to the finals of the seventh season of the British X-Factor.

Although she failed to win the competition, she was still the great success of the season with Adele – the most successful singer of talent shows – as her biggest fan, who alone sent 80 text messages to help Rebecca with the voting in the competition. In fact, after her album – which went double-platinum in Great Britain – Adele helped kick-start her career in America and sure enough, she won them over, too.

Hungarian radio audiences are surely familiar with her hit I Hope and her song Glitter & Gold and this will probably be the last chance to see her performing in a club, up close and personal, since next time she'll most likely be performing in an arena.

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