See What Happened @ ‘Spring Fair’ On Vörösmarty Square In Budapest

  • 14 Apr 2014 9:04 AM
See What Happened @ ‘Spring Fair’ On Vörösmarty Square In Budapest
Whatever season it is, there is always something happening in this buzzing capital city. Spring is here and with it the ‘Spring Fair’ at Vörösmarty Square. With Easter just around the corner, there was plenty crafted produce on show.

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Folk art, traditional culture, modern design with the latest trends were all there this weekend, with some traditional food and beverage to help soak in the atmosphere.

The fair highlights the work of craftsmen, how they found their way back to traditional artifacts and discovered new uses for handcraft. In other words, it is as much about the people as the goods they make. 

This was in evidence on Sunday. There was a pottery competition where the craftsmen took on one another. This included the smallest and the largest objects made on a wheel. As always, it looks much easier when someone else does it. At the end, the audience had the easy, or not so, task of picking the winners.

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