TEDxDanubia 2014: The Age Of Uncertainty, Budapest, 15 May

  • 6 May 2014 9:02 AM
TEDxDanubia 2014: The Age Of Uncertainty, Budapest, 15 May
We live in uncertain times, probably more so than ever before. The pace of change is accelerating, the amount of information and choices is overwhelming. A merging biological and technological revolution is transforming our reality. The gap between rich and poor has widened to unprecedented levels. Population growth and human induced ecological changes are creating unforeseeable risks on a planetary scale. The balance of power is shifting rapidly between East and West, North and South, while the whole planet is becoming defined increasingly by interconnectedness and interdependency, and our capacity to meet the new challenges is greater than ever.

At the same time we are losing sight of or even faith in our traditional reference points and guiding posts. New challenges, new threats and new opportunities await us behind every corner.

Opportunities have never been greater and more widespread. But our world is also filled with the sense of crisis of all kinds, from financial to moral, from global to personal.

What kind of world are we heading towards? Are we on the brink of a new phase of our evolution? How do we find our own way in this new world? How do we make wise choices in a new and uncharted territory when so much is at stake? How do we find meaning and purpose to our lives? What does progress mean? How do we turn the new and threatening challenges into opportunities?

At TEDxDanubia 2014, we explore these timely questions and more through pre-conference workshops and special programs, three consecutive main stage sessions (’Living Together’ – ’Progress Enigma’ – ‘Changing the Game’) and intense conversation breaks.

Since TEDxDanubia invites an international line-up of speakers and attendees, the majority of the talks will be in English. Both English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English simultaneous translation will be available for all TEDxDanubia talks.

Among the speakers you find Bobby Sager – business leader, philanthropist; Anna Baróthy – hybrid designer; Nikhil Goyal – writer, education researcher; Andrew Hessel – genomic futurist; representing the Hungarian pop music, Boggie - whose new music video went surprisingly viral on the internet with several million views; Sena, the singer mostly known from the band Irie Maffia.

TEDxDanubia reserves the right to make changes to the final conference program.

Source and detailed program: tedxdanubia.com

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