Iván Fischer's Opera "The Red Heifer", Vígszínház Budapest, 23 - 24 June

  • 5 Jun 2014 9:02 AM
Iván Fischer's Opera "The Red Heifer", Vígszínház Budapest, 23 - 24 June
Iván Fischer's opera "The Red Heifer" will be performed at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, June 23rd and Tuesday, June 24th at the Vígszínház in Budapest. This powerful opera has be praised internationally. It is the story of a true drama of a blood libel case that took place in Hungary in the late nineteenth century.

The work is “a true story, more than shocking, with implications that can be felt even today,” remarked Iván Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra’s leading conductor. For nearly 30 years, the composer-conductor contemplated this work, which contains melodious music and conveys a serious message. “I’m a musician. I hold views in common with people who take the question of a just society to heart,” Iván Fischer stated. “I dream of a world where everyone respects each other, regardless of whether their religion or skin colour is different.”

Last October’s premiere of The Red Heifer attracted rave reviews from the audience and critics alike. Professionals around the world praised the October performance: “Sensational, powerful and rich in emotion”; “It will be spoken of for a long while”; “We took part in an enchanting experience.” Indeed, news of its success reached the world’s media. It was cover story of the New York Times, and the British Opera magazine analyzed it at length.

Audiences can see the opera on 23-24 June at the Comedy Theatre (Vígszínház). The production, directed by Tamás Ascher and Kriszta Székely, will be performed once again by members of the Budapest Festival Orchestra; guest soloists, actors, singers and dancers; and third-year students of the Theatre and Film Academy’s drama department.

Tickets can be purchased at the Vígszínház Ticket Office: Istvan krt 14, 1136 )
Tel: 329-23-40

Opening hours: daily from 11:00 to 19:00 lobby : Tickets available at the time of the events in the first floor lobby formed at ticket counters.

Tickets: 700 HUF / 1 000 HUF / 1 300 HUF / 1 700 HUF / 1 900 HUF / 2 600 HUF / 3 000 HUF / 3 200 HUF / 3 500 HUF / 3 900 HUF

Source: bzf.hu

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