Keep Floyding, National Concert Hall Budapest, 23 June

  • 23 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
Keep Floyding, National Concert Hall Budapest, 23 June
Keep Floyding - because Pink Floyd's music is unforgettable, has to be heard again and again, and permitted to pass through our souls and take us to a higher level of consciousness. A musical world of this calibre cannot be brought back to life just anyhow, but needs a group whose members are both talented musicians and mature enough to understand this musical world.

 A tribute is an appreciation, a show of respect to a music and atmosphere of eternal value. It can only really be made by those who have found a certain place in their soul that would be empty without Pink Floyd. This group has found it, so much so that they attain a perfect original sound even when they give of themselves, not attempting to copy but to play from their own being.

This music has permeated their every pore to transform them into new people. And those who hear the tribute, casting off their fears, entering the concert hall and allowing themselves to be transported back in time, will also become new people.

This is for those who were not alive at that time, who never heard Pink Floyd live, and who - for the time being - have no idea what they missed.

"A few youngsters play Pink Floyd compositions with impudent perfection. Playing progressive rock's greatest well is a massive thing. And hearing them is a massive treat." (Gergely Böszörményi, Periferic Records)

Date and time: 23 June 2014, Monday 8 pm — 11 pm
Venue: Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

Ticket prices:

2500 HUF
3200 HUF
3900 HUF
4900 HUF

Ticket information

You may purchase your ticket to this event at the ticket offices of the Palace of Arts in exchange for Edenred Ticket Culture and Sport vouchers; Sport and Top Premium gift certificate, Sodexo Culture, Bonus and Gift Voucher, Puebla Gift and Culture Voucher, Culture and Gift Erzsébet Voucher and Palace of Arts gift certificates, or charged to the vacation time credit of the SZÉP card with a discount of 15%.


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