Xploring Budapest: Rock Hospital Hidden In The Castle

  • 23 Jun 2014 8:30 AM
Xploring Budapest: Rock Hospital Hidden In The Castle
For many years nobody knew where an iron gate in the Buda castle lead to, today it's a new museum where visitors can see exhibits about the history of this underground military hospital. Guided tours depart on the hour, read on for a brief intro about this unique and fascinating attraction.

Some local businessmen started the project right before the second World War in order to create a safe storage for their goods. To reduce the cost, they used the caves inside the hill. The ongoing project was then taken over by the Government of Budapest. It established an emergency surgery center there by changing the original plans.

As for the construction, the caves were connected to one another, and they added a door to the tunnel system that leads to the Lovas Street. The hospital was located 15-30 m from the ground on different levels. It was serving 200 people at the same time towards the end of 1943. Its length is approximately 2 km.

During the World War, this place used to be served as shelter and as well as a hospital.  At the end of the war, in February 1945) ca. , 600-650 people were treated since it was the only protected hospital during the battle for Budapest.

It had been working for a while after the war, but then they closed it down eventually. After the revolution in 1956, the hospital got reconstructed and they even set up a nuclear filter system in the caves.

The opening hours of the museum are from Monday to Sunday 10:00 - 20:00, with the last entry at 19:00.

Source: hungarystartshere.com

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