Xploring Hungary: Garden of Ruins (Romkert), Szombathely

  • 11 Jul 2014 9:00 AM
Xploring Hungary: Garden of Ruins (Romkert), Szombathely
"The remains of buildings dating from the 1st to the 4th century bear witness to the importance of the former settlement of Savaria, the predecessor of Szombathely. The largest floor mosaic of the former province of Pannonia can be enjoyed here.

One of the most significant towns of the province of Pannonia (the area of the present Hungary to the west of the River Danube), Savaria developed into a religious and economic centre. Its central role is indicated by the size of and presence of public buildings such as the Emperor's Palace, the Mercury Temple, the public baths and the custom's house.

A splendid mosaic covered the entire floor of the 51x14 metre hall in the centre of the palace. The largest mosaic in Pannonia, it still can be seen today.

Roman roads, drainage systems, 3rd-4th-century craftsmen's workshops (bronze workers, pottery) and the city walls came to light during the course of the excavations. There is a separate exhibition of smaller findings such as scales, custom's stamps, terracotta statues, lamps, bronze objects etc.

Roman building techniques are detailed here too. Items discovered in the 9th century, early Romanesque castle built upon the Roman structures are displayed in a special exhibition.

The excavations of Savaria were started in the 1930's under the leadership of István Járdányi Paulovics. The garden of ruins is named after him.

There is access for the disabled to the museum.

How to get there:
By railway, trains serve the city departing from Budapest, Győr, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém, Vienna, and Sopron.
By bus, coaches depart from Budapest, Veszprém, and Sopron.
By car, take Route 89 from the west, or either Route 87 or 86.

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Address: Szombathely, Templom tér 1-3.
Phone: 94/313-369
Opening times: 1 Apr - 30 Nov: Tue-Sat 10-16
Contact: Savaria Museum

Source: hungarystartshere.com

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