World’s First Water House Presented In Kecskemét, Hungary

  • 11 Aug 2014 9:00 AM
World’s First Water House Presented In Kecskemét, Hungary
The prototype of the world’s first all water fluid house was presented to the industry in Kecskemét, central Hungary, on Saturday. Designed by Hungarian architect Mátyás Gutai, the sustainable fluid house uses water insulation in thermal panels on all sides of the building.

Gutai, 33, said that the water house is able to provide a balancing capability not unlike that of the Earth, which is covered in 73% by water.

The balancing effect provides a state-ofthe- art comfort zone within a few seconds in the building. The prototype presented is a 10-square-metre building which was built with European Union support.

Gutai, who attended secondary school in Kecskemét and received his first degree from the Budapest Technical University, is now a researcher at Tokyo University.


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