National Gallop - International Race, Budapest, 19 - 21 September

  • 9 Sep 2014 9:00 AM
National Gallop - International Race, Budapest, 19 - 21 September
On 20- 21 September the Andrássy Avenue, the city’s grandest boulevard, will become the Gallop Promenade, presenting over 1,000 years of Hungarian history. Tents representing towns and cities across the nation will show off local traditions – imagine blacksmiths pounding horseshoes, costumed women embroidering centuries-old flower motifs, weavers crafting baskets of straw or rugs of wool.

During this three-day introduction to Hungarian horse tradition, you’ll also get to taste the delights of the Országkonyha (Kitchen of Hungary), where the main theme this year is meat, meat, meat!

Wash down Hungarian dishes, prepared with six types of traditionally seasoned meat, with the very best of our wine and palinka selection!
This is an event you don’t want to miss. Three days of horseback action, fantastic food and drinks, a cavalcade of crafts and culture, bring- ing Hungary’s vibrant history to life before your very eyes...


Saturday 20th September

12:00-13:00 National Gallop opening ceremony and ceremonial announcement of the competitors
13:15-13:45 Little Hussar Gallop – qualifying rounds
14:00-15:50 National Gallop – qualifying rounds 1.-6.
15:50-16:00 Ötösbefutó Chariot race – qualifying round 1.
16:15-16:45 National Gallop – qualifying rounds 7., 8.
17:00-17:15 Celebrity Charity Race
17:15-18:30 National Gallop – qualifying rounds 9.-12.
18:40-18:45 Riding Dames Show
18:45-18:50 Cart pushing competition
18:50-19:00 Ötösbefutó Chariot race – qualifying round 2.
19:10-19:20 Komondor - Hungarian fog breed – Show
19:20-20:00 Feel the groove – you are free to enter the track!

Sunday 21st September 

09:45-11:00 Equestrian Shows
11:00-12:45 National Gallop – semifinal qualifiers 1.-5.
12:45-13:15 PreVital International Gallop - qualifying rounds 1.-2.
13:30-14:15 Show jumping - High jumping
14:30-15:15 Equestrian Shows
15:15-15:50 Horse Shows
15:50-16:00 Hungarian Revolution of 1848 – tableau vivant
16:20-16:35 Little Hussar Gallop – final
16:35-16:50 Ötösbefutó Chariot race – final
17:00-18:00 Head of National Gallop enters
National Equestrian Squadron Show Horse Archery Show Csikós (wrangler) – living picture Settlement of Magyars in Hungary – tableau vivant
17:30-17:50 PreVital International Gallop - final
18:00-18:22 National Gallop final, Prize giving ceremony
18:22-18:30 Stud show from Szilvásvárad – stud running

International Race, 21 September
Owing to the very successful debut of the International Race last year, we shall continue to organize this event as a part of our National Gallop programme.

The number of participating nations rose from eight to twelve, including the Hungarian participant. The race will be orga- nized according to the same rules and regulations The International Race is based on the very foundations of our National Gallop aiming at popularizing equastrian sports and cultivating our traditions. In the International Race the courageous riders of the participating countries are given a chance to shine out with their skills and stamina.

The racetrack gives ground for eleven riders representing their country and a Hungarian racer. Each jockey is going to be given a Hungarian bred horse previously selected in a draw.

Last year’s winner, Quatar will be trying to defend its glorious position against The Emirates, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta and Hungary.

National Gallop - International Race: Sunday, 21th September, 2014

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