Szeged Contemporary Ballet, Palace Of Arts, 22 September

  • 22 Sep 2014 9:03 AM
Szeged Contemporary Ballet, Palace Of Arts, 22 September
Mimicry - To blend in, assimilate or disappear - for defence or in order to capture prey. In the course of evolution, numerous forms of mimicry have developed as a means of integrating into the surroundings in a deceptive way. Human beings retain the ability to mimic within their psyche, to entirely reshape their personality or to blend in with others through play-acting. The goal is to survive, or to ensnare their quarry through deception and manipulation.

The Rite of Spring

People living in the remains of their past share the same community with no real aim other than to exist together in containment. They have no idea where their lives are moving but the lack of a way out is growing increasingly intolerable: they are obliged to reach a common decision to break the shell of their static situation and strive for a new existence.

The painful recognition dawns that to find a new, better world requires a common sacrifice. Stravinsky's "rite" is reinterpreted from a 21st century perspective, examining the meaning of salvation and sacrifice for modern mankind. A society slowly consuming itself is abandoning its past without a definite vision of its future. All that remains is to offer itself as a sacrifice to prove that its existence and death still have meaning.

Presented by: National Dance Theatre

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You may purchase your ticket to this event at the ticket offices of the Palace of Arts in exchange for Edenred Ticket Culture and Sport vouchers, or Sodexo Culture Voucher.

Date and time: 22 September 2014, Monday 7 pm — 9 pm
Venue: Festival Theatre
Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.

Source: Palace of Arts

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