Bridges Of Souls, Festival Theatre Budapest, 28 October

  • 27 Oct 2014 8:06 AM
Bridges Of Souls, Festival Theatre Budapest, 28 October
If we scan the names of the four soulmates collaborating on the album Bridges of Souls, then the name of the Yellowjackets - one of the outstanding groups in jazz fusion, active for more than three decades - immediately springs to mind. This is because both American musical stars on this record spent the greater part of their careers with the band.

Just how little doubt there is that these four musicians belong on the same rank will become apparent once fans have heard the album.

The October edition of Jazz Workshop features guitarist and composer (not to mention teacher and big band leader) Attila László, New York-based drummer Ferenc Nemeth, keyboard wizard Russell Ferrante and bass guitar guru Jimmy Haslip in concert together to perform material from Bridges of Souls.

The recordings took place in June 2013 in Los Angeles, where a total of eleven numbers were committed to disc, most composed separately or together by László and Nemeth. One composition also features singer Charlie Horváth.

The tunes were recorded in one day, and the recordings mixed by Grammy Award-winning sound engineer Rich Breen, the man behind most of the emblematic recordings of the past 15 years by both the Yellowjackets and Oregon.

The music's exciting and original sound derives from the foundations laid down by the energetic grooves of the rhythm section coupled with the melody-centred solo lines to be heard above, courtesy of the unmistakeable musical personalities of László and Ferrante.

Date and time: 28 October 2014, Tuesday 7:30 pm — 10 pm
Venue: Festival Theatre
Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.

Ticket prices: 2200 HUF / 2900 HUF / 3200 HUF

Ticket information

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Source: Palace of Arts

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