Laurie Anderson Concert In National Concert Hall Budapest On 6 October

  • 5 Oct 2014 10:00 AM
Laurie Anderson Concert In National Concert Hall  Budapest On 6 October
Art historian, media and performance artist. An icon. Laurie Anderson, the legend of New York's underground visits Budapest again. "We all know things are getting faster and faster. Why shouldn't we slow down a bit?" she asked a few years ago. Those who are open to real thrills can now slow down with Laurie Anderson herself!

The first hit to bring her international success was the 1981 song O Superman, and she went on to raise to world fame as a performing artist thanks in part to concerts she set in lavish multimedia environments. Nor is Laurie Anderson's success as an artist confined to the stage: she has published seven books over the decades, and her visual art has been presented in some of the world's leading museums.

In 2002 she was the first resident artist of NASA, a period that found its grand summary in the tour of 2004, The End of the Moon. In 2007 she was awarded one of the most prestigious trophies in art, the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize. She presented the show called Homeland on a two-year worldwide tour, and in 2010 the material was issued on CD by Nonesuch Records.

The same year saw the premiere of her new production, Delusion, at Vancouver's Cultural Olympiad. Sao Paulo hosted a retrospective exhibition of her works in the visual arts, including her installations. The highly successful display was later also presented in Rio de Janeiro, while her most recent works were put on display in Philadelphia at a show called Forty-Nine Days in the Bardo. Paintings she made with a traditional technique were presented by the Vito Schnabel Gallery, New York.

One of America's best-known and boldest creative innovators, Laurie Anderson's work in literature, visual art and music fuses the most diverse fields of art, and she is particularly original in employing the latest technologies in her productions. Her shows dissolve the boundaries of experimental music, theatre and the visual arts.

Completely idiosyncratic and entirely unconventional, she was over 30 when her song O Superman - a matter-of-course fusion of John Cage's experimental art, Steve Reich's repetitive music and new-wave pop - became a hit list sensation. In the 1980s, Anderson, a virtuoso of multimedia technologies, seemed to be presenting utopias, but reality eventually came to live up to her artistic visions.

In the meantime, she herself became increasingly simple and informal. As Tamás Szőnyei, an expert on her oeuvre, has put it, Laurie Anderson is the ideal example of how a little can be a lot, how simplicity can be very powerful. Not that she would shy away from guitars, drums, winds, choruses and danceable rhythms whenever the need arises. And we haven't even mentioned her voice.

That gently articulating, melodically conversational, intelligent human voice, which can perform a host of roles, from an answering machine to a silly goose, from a philosophically humorous performer to a man, from a woman to anyone really.

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Date and time: 6 October 2014, Monday 7:30 pm — 10 pm
Venue: Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.

Source: Palace of Arts

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