No Substantive Info In US Embassy Budapest Docs, Says Govt Official

  • 14 Nov 2014 8:02 AM
No Substantive Info In US Embassy Budapest Docs, Says Govt Official
There is no substantive information in the document that an employee of the United States embassy handed over to the Hungarian foreign ministry concerning the US entry ban, a government official said. Levente Magyar, state secretary for economic diplomacy at the foreign ministry, told a news conference that the twopage document received last week containing “supposed evidence for the entry ban” did not carry any kind of stamp, authentication or date.

He said that the document did not contain any more than what is already known.

There is no credible or conclusive information on the basis of which the government would be able to launch an investigation into “supposed corruption cases,” he added. Magyar said that the government would publish the document in question by the end of the day.

“The formal frivolity of the document is only exceeded by the triviality of the contents,” he insisted. A board member of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said earlier today that the government had received information from the US embassy in Budapest about the reasons why US authorities banned six senior Hungarian officials to enter the country.

Meanwhile, Hungary’s public prosecutor has turned to the US embassy’s chargé d’affaires with a new request for information concerning the alleged corruption cases, the prosecutor said.

It noted that Péter Polt had turned to Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, with a request for information. He was subsequently briefed by the charge d’affaires.

“Now the head of the relevant department at the public prosecutor’s office has turned to André Goodfriend directly for information,” the statement said, adding that it requested concrete information concerning the basis for the entry ban. It is then that the public prosecutor will be able to take any steps necessary, it added.


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