Hungary Secret Meeting Ground, Says MP

  • 31 Dec 2014 8:00 AM
Hungary Secret Meeting Ground, Says MP
It is noticeable that Hungary has become a meeting ground for clandestine talks between various actors in light of developments concerning Russia and Ukraine, Zsolt Molnár, the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, told Tuesday’s Népszabadság daily.

Given Hungary’s economic, commercial and private proximity to Russia and Ukraine, rooted in a common past, it is no wonder more interest is being shown in the country in the current situation, he said.

The Socialist lawmaker stressed however that none of its allies, including the United States, had violated Hungary’s sovereignty. He added that Hungary’s counter intelligence was doing its job and Hungary would not let anyone, including its allies, use illegal means to “obtain our secrets”.

He also said a recent comment to the press by the parliamentary speaker, László Kövér, concerning an impending world war was a “gross exaggeration”.

Molnár criticised Hungary’s foreign policymakers for their responses to global political changes over the past year, which had been either “belated” or “inappropriate”. They failed to notice that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict had driven NATO, the EU and Russia into a new cold war.

They also ignored that Russia’s foreign policy doctrine, which used to focus on economic expansion and cooperation with NATO and the EU, had fundamentally changed and Russia’s great power ambitions had re-emerged, he said.

Molnár added, however, that Hungary’s military and national security services had, from the very start, been up to speed with developments in the Ukraine crisis and had always given parliamentarians accurate forecasts.


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