Grand Chinese New Year Concert In Budapest, 26 January

  • 26 Jan 2015 8:02 AM
Grand Chinese New Year Concert In Budapest, 26 January
After last year's Chinese New Year Concert, the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall is once again sprinkled with the exciting, scintillating musical spices of Asia. What we should not expect, however, is a musically alien Chinese production that is hard for Western ears to grasp: instead, the audience will be transported on a Far Eastern adventure full of grace and melody that is far more redolent of the dreamlike worlds of film and fairytale.

The evening promises gossamer-light entertainment featuring a host of novelties, guaranteed to provide a relaxing diversion for music-lovers of all ages. Nothing less would be expected of the orchestra visiting Budapest for this concert, which was formed many decades ago in Shanghai, one of the world's most vibrant cities, with the express goal of conveying China's joys, sorrows and everyday experiences in music in a way that can be appreciated the whole world over (and particularly in the West).

The biggest city in China and the world by population, home to more than 24 million people, the metropolis of Shanghai is one of the Far Eastern giant's most open, welcoming and internationally flavoured locales. The economic and cultural presence of the French, British and Germans has been a commonplace feature here for more than half a century. In this light, it is altogether unsurprising that a major orchestra was formed here in 1952, the bulk of leaders and members of which honed their skills in Europe or America.

Consequently, they acquired an understanding of Western aesthetic considerations and musical tastes. Exploiting this knowledge, and armed with a huge amount of skill, talent, discipline and humility, the orchestra is able to put together a genuinely easily digestible musical mix for audiences, one they have already successfully tested out at concerts in Vienna.

The pieces in the orchestra's repertoire clearly reflect the direction Chinese classical music has taken and the evolution it has undergone in recent decades. Traditional Chinese instruments that sound unusual to us (such as the Chinese bamboo flute, zither and four-string mandolin) feature in tasteful harmony alongside the familiar instruments of the Western orchestra. Most of the pieces gathered their inspiration from traditional Chinese folk compositions, making this concert a great choice for both those familiar with the Chinese world and musical gourmets making their first forays into the Far East.

Date and time: 26 January 2015, Monday 7:30 pm — 10 pm
Venue: Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

Ticket prices:

2900 HUF
3500 HUF
4500 HUF
5900 HUF
7900 HUF

Ticket information

You may purchase your ticket to this event at the ticket offices of the Palace of Arts in exchange for Edenred Ticket Culture and Sport vouchers; Sport and Top Premium gift certificate, Sodexo Culture, Bonus and Gift Voucher, Culture and Gift Erzsébet Voucher and Palace of Arts gift certificates, or charged to the vacation time credit of the SZÉP card.

Source: Palace of Arts

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