Hungarian Experts Deride House Of Fates Concept

  • 6 Feb 2015 8:00 AM
Hungarian Experts Deride House Of Fates Concept
PMO Minister János Lázár rather than historian Mária Schmidt has sent the concept for the exhibits to be featured in the House of Fates museum to experts for comments. Experts speaking to Népszabadság described the document as shoddy.

The proposal prepared by the Public Foundation for Central and East European Historical Research contains 170 pages of images, maps and graphs, while the baseline concept is explained in almost 30 pages.

Two experts speaking on condition of anonymity said “this is astonishing, this cannot be called professional. This is not serious, it is a bad selection of photographs and documents rather than a concept”.

Historian László Karsai dismissed it as “200 pages of nothing”. Moreover, he continued, the concept contains factual errors.

He said it features victims of the Holocaust and their rescuers, but there is little mention of the perpetrators or the historical precedents.

Mazsihisz president András Heisler confirmed that his organisation has received a copy and experts are studying it.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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