Hungarian Opposition Demands Release Of EC’s Funding Report

  • 16 Apr 2015 9:00 AM
Hungarian Opposition Demands Release Of EC’s Funding Report
Opposition parties LMP, Együtt and the Hungarian Liberal Party (MLP) demanded that the government should release the EC’s related report to the public without delay. Erzsébet Schmuck, a lawmaker for LMP, said the party had repeatedly stated concern of suspected corruption surrounding the public procurement system and the selection process of projects.

László Heltai, an economic policy spokesman for the party, said that the Prime Minister’s Office had received from the EC the auditors’ report stating concrete concerns already in February which must be released.

Együtt said that ruling Fidesz must stop pointing the finger at the previous government since it has had five years in government to correct the “alleged discrepancies” in the use of funds.

Zoltán Bodnár, an economic expert of the Liberal party, said the EC’s measure could be expected since Brussels and Budapest had been engaged in a debate for months over the transformation of the selection process Hungary had carried out without consultations with the European Commission.

Radical nationalist Jobbik called for an overall change in the Hungarian public procurement regime and for installing “a new, transparent” system.

Deputy group leader Dániel Z Kárpát said that the EC’s decision is “no accident,” making reference to press reports saying that Brussels had looked into thousands of contracts “in connection with which the suspicion of corruption emerged.”


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